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Call on Harmon Security Group LLC. for all of your surveillance monitoring needs. We are the preferred and trusted provider for surveillance monitoring services in the Midwest.

CLEET Certified Security Guard Personel Services

Harmon Security Group is a premium security service/systems provider, an expert in the field of surveillance monitoring, applying collective experience from the security service and security technology industries into diverse 21st century surveillance monitoring solutions. Harmon Security Group specializes in providing CLEET Certified armed/unarmed security officers for all industries and organizations.

Whether you're in an office building, chemical plant, college campus, bank, hospital or a gated community, you'll find Harmon Security Group LLC., on the scene and trained to secure your facilities. For over 20 years, The Harmon Group's managers have provided security protection for facilities such as the Thomas Gilcrease Museum, an asset larger than Oklahoma City's Will Rogers Airport.

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